With solid foundations in both Traditional Chinese Medicine and Five-Element Acupuncture (what's the difference?), as well as a background in nutrition and massage therapy, Erin takes a truly thorough approach to each case. The World Health Organization has recognized the effectiveness of acupuncture for a large number of conditions (see the list here). However, not every symptom can be successfully treated with Chinese medicine alone, and in these situations, appropriate referrals will be given. Working in tandem with conventional medicine or another modality often gives the greatest results.



From the beginning of her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine in the 90s, Erin has taken a keen interest in translating or making relevant the incredible wisdom that is over 3000 years old. There are so many useful "nuggets" that we can adopt into everyday life to help our system regain health and then to maintain it.




When I first tried acupuncture I really didn’t know what to expect. All I knew was that I was in pain and on very strong medication that was not working and having acute side effects. Erin has an astonishing understanding of the body, mind and soul connection. Not only was my pain gone, I was quickly off all medication and had regained mobility. Her gentle ability to read a client’s needs and give them her whole focus are a tremendous gift to us all.
— Zoe, Richmond BC

Although I thought I knew about acupuncture from past experiences, nothing could have prepared me for the thorough assessment, treatment and care that I received from Erin. I felt truly “heard” which was then confirmed through Erin’s treatment that nurtured my physical, physiological, emotional and spiritual healing. Thank you Erin!
— Bonnie, Vancouver BC

Roughly 10 Years ago - I injured my back - although skeptical at first I scheduled an appointment with Erin Moran - The treatment was beneficial to my injury. That was just the beginning. I continued to see Erin for well-being visits, which helped reduced stress, increase energy and help with other muscular pain. In fact, my wife and my children all visited Erin for regular appointments.
I highly recommend her services
— John D.